What To Consider When Deciding On A Cord Blood And Stem Cell Bank

Are you thinking of cord blood banking for your children? Great! With cord blood banking, medical science is providing you the opportunity to give your child, their siblings, or your family members another life.

The stem cells of cord blood have more potential than bone marrow transplants when it comes to treating some life-threatening diseases. That is why a lot of parents are options for cord blood banking. But you just can not pick any cord blood bank for your child. You need to choose the best one. And here, we will guide you in choosing the best cord blood bank.


What To Consider When Deciding On A Cord Blood And Stem Cell Bank

Here are the factors you should always consider when you are choosing a cord blood bank for preserving your child’s cord blood and stem cells.



The number of cord blood units that a cord blood bank has released for transplant always states the story of their success in delivering viable stem cells whenever it is needed. When most of the private cord blood banks only released a fee of more than a hundred units of transplant, some banks also have more than 1,000 cord blood transplants and over decades of experience in cord blood banking.



The number of cord blood units that a cord blood bank gave stored for its clients is another sign of its success. It has been seen that cord blood banks that have been around the longest also tend to be the largest.


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You might be surprised to know that the most reputed cord blood banks have more than 20 years of experience in storing cord blood and tissues.

In addition to that, most of them also have their own laboratory. All those cord blood banks that always use their own laboratories are usually more stable in comparison to those companies that switch between laboratories.



Over time, live stem cells can degrade, especially when they are completely or partially exposed to extreme temperatures such as the cold of an airplane cargo or the heat of a summer loading deck.

Here, the parents must consider the materials and insulations that are going to be used by the cord blood banks for the collection and transportation kit. It is always best to ppt for a bank that will provide a kit that is capable of maintaining a stable temperature.



One of the biggest concerns parents always have is whether the child’s stem cells will be perfectly viable for transplant in case of requirement. There are some cord blood banks that offer assistance in the event that parents need to use their cord blood.

There are also some cord blood banks that provide a financial guarantee as high as $100,000 on the particular ability to engraft their cord blood.



By checking the accreditation status of a cord blood bank, you will be able to understand the quality standards held by the bank. FACT and AABB are the two accreditation standards that are specifically designed for cord blood banks.

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In the United States of America, every cord blood bank must be registered with the FDA. In order to get FDA licensed, the banks must adhere to stricter BLA or Biologic License Application standards. So, don’t forget to check the license.



For all those new parents, the cost of cord blood banking is really a concern. Also, the expenses of cord blood banking come at a time when you are already managing a lot of other major expenses.

Although you have the option of public cord blood banking, that one is uncertain. Here, you need to opt for those private cord blood banking that comes with affordable monthly packages.


We believe after going through this article; you will be able to pick the right cord blood bank for your child. At the same time, we also understand that the concept of cord blood banking is a little new. So, it is normal to have a lot of doubts and queries.

That is why we are answering some of the most common questions you have in your mind.


Q1: How Do I Choose A Cord Blood Bank?

We have already discussed the factors that you should consider when you are going to choose cord blood. Still, here is a brief for you.

  • Experience.
  • Stability.
  • Inventory.
  • Insurance.
  • Shipment.
  • Accreditation.
  • Pricing.

Q2: Which Is Better, Cord Blood Or Stem Cell?

The fluid of the umbilical cord is easier to collect and also contains 10 times more stem cells than those that are collected from bone marrow. Also, the stem cells that are collected from cord blood very rarely carry Stem Cell any infectious diseases and are also half as likely to be rejected as stem cells of adults.

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