When Should You See a Mental Health Specialist?

The struggle to process your emotions when dealing with stressful situations can affect all aspects of your life if left untreated. Unless you see a mental health professional, they can affect your appetite, sleeping patterns, and performance at work or school. Dr. Bryon K Evans is a qualified psychiatrist who employs various treatment options, including therapy and counseling to treat your mental conditions.

Dr. Evans can offer individual, family, and group therapy sessions, depending on your issues, symptoms, and cause of stress.

What signs indicate you need to see a mental health professional?

Mental health issues indicate that your emotional struggles affect how you perform your daily routine and respond to situations. For example, you might not complete a task and show frustration through crying other than speaking about your challenges.

Unbearable stress

Unbearable stress is a surefire sign that your mind and body are overwhelmed by stressful events, and you need a peaceful environment to recollect and restore your thoughts. If stress overwhelms you, you can experience extremely bad moods, leading to irritability and anger.

Poor performance

Your work and school performance can suffer if you struggle with severe anxiety or depression. If you are working on a project and struggle with solutions, you might experience anxiety or panic episodes that cripple your problem-solving skills. Depression, however, can limit your thinking to the point of not tackling problems.

Unhealthy lifestyle habits

Following routines can help you organize yourself and maintain your health. However, mental health disorders can affect your day, causing alterations in every aspect of your life. You might have a poor appetite if you are dealing with stress and start to experience certain issues like digestive problems or dehydration.

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In extreme cases, you might find it too difficult to perform basic activities like brushing your teeth or even bathing. Consider visiting your psychiatrist when you don’t eat or sleep properly due to stress.

What treatment options can you receive?

Before you can receive treatment, you must undergo cognitive testing so that your doctor can create a personalized treatment plan. Your treatment options might include, therapy and counseling, medications, spravato, and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Therapy and counseling help you discuss what triggers stress, including losing a job, a loved one, or a financial crisis. You can attend counseling sessions as an individual, couple, or group, ensuring all involved parties participate.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation uses magnetic impulses to alter brain cell activity, improving anxiety and depression. Spravato is medication in the form of a nasal spray that your doctor will use to alleviate symptoms of depression. Your specialist can combine the above treatments with adjusting your lifestyle habits, like getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet for essential nutrients and vitamins.

If you experience mental health disorders that affect your daily routine, visit Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta for treatment. The available specialists will carefully examine your symptoms and review your medical history before administering the most suitable treatment. Call or book your appointment online to improve your mental well-being. 

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