Who is Ines de Ramon: the new social media sensation.

Ines de Ramon

Are you also Ines de Ramon curious to know about the new social media sensation? Do you also want to know about Paul Wesley’s new wife? Does Paul Weasley star-struck you in The Vampire Diaries? And you want to know who is the spouse of such a marvelous. If you want a sneak peek into one of the most looked-for and glamorous personalities on Instagram? Then search no more! Because this article will tell you everything about the famous and most popular social media star Ines de Ramon.

Who is Paul Weasley?

Paul Weasley is an American director, producer, and also actor. He is famous for his role as Stefan Salvatore in the jaw-dropping series of the vampire diaries and the role he played in the anthology series Tell Me a Story. Most of us have been great fans of the Star Trek series, and Paul has also played a role in the second season.

Paul has had a flourishing career in the industry as an actor, director, and producer. He had multiple awards and titles named to him. He is the husband of Ines de Ramon, and they both married in 2019.

Ines de Ramon:

Ines de Ramon is the wife of an outstanding actor and producer. Paul Wesley was cast in The Vampire Diaries, a famous American show on Netflix that made thousands of people glued to their screens. Her fame began in 2018 when the paparazzi spotted her with her husband, Paul Weasley.

Ines’s full name is Ines Olivia de Ramon, nicknamed Ines de Ramon. She was born in 1992 in the USA and Is a 29 y/o American model and an actress. The reason for her popularity is the wife of the handsome actor Paul Weasley who starred in the American supernatural series named the Vampire Diaries. Ever since Netflix played the show Vampire Diaries, Paul became a social media star, and people seemed to love him a lot, and he was a heartthrob of millions of girls out there. Not only were people a fan of his work locally, but even outside America, people seemed to be crazy after him. Ines de Ramon is Paul Weasley’s second wife.

Facts about Ines de Ramon:

As much the people loved Paul Weasley, the more they became curious about the one who shared his life, and that’s when the paparazzi spotted Ines, and she instantly became a social media sensation. No doubt she has a very charming and elegant personality, but the one thing that made her prominent in the eyes of the people was indeed being the wife of the famous actor Paul Weasley.

Birth: Ines was born in 1992 in the United States of America

Age: she is 29 y/ o actress & model. Ines will be turning 30 this year

Occupation/ work: Ines seems to be a very sporty and athletic person. She works as an American Health and Fitness Coach

Personal life: Ines is an introverted and private person, one of those celebrities who don’t like to share much on social media and are happier with staying private rather than sharing their stuff on the internet.

The beautiful Diva will be turning 30 this year. She is a total fitness freak that well describes her job selection. She helps others maintain a healthy lifestyle, but she also has a very well-maintained physique.

The social media sensation:

not only does Ines have a great career as a health coach, but she is also a social media influencer. She has many followers on Instagram that seem to love and adore her. She is known as the wife of the American actor Paul Weasley, the famous American director and actor who starred in the famous Vampire Diaries. Paul is well known for his work in the American Film industry.

Most people know Ines by her nickname Ines de Ramon but do you know that that’s not her real name! Her real full name is Ines Olivia de Ramon. She is an American nationality holder, and her descent is white Caucasian.

Ines de Ramon’s education & early life:

Ines is a 29 y/0 American model and actress following the Christian religion. After completing her early education at a local school in her hometown, she graduated from the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

The second wife of Paul Weasley:

As much as the people adore this couple, they are mistaken for Ines to be Paul Weasley’s first wife. Unfortunately, this is not the case as Paul had a wife before marrying Ines. Sources tell that in 2011 Paul was married to Torrey DeVitto, but sadly it didn’t last long and ultimately resulted in Paul’s divorce. Both of them ended their relationship in 2013.

Then Ines came into Paul’s life, and they soon married; in 2019, it was almost two years since their marriage.

Find her on the social media:

How to find Ines on social media? Well, it’s not that hard because the famous Diva has an account on Instagram with a following of around 122k. Her username is @inesdrmn.

She is very active on social media and keeps sharing pictures with her husband, Paul Wesley. In addition, she seems to have a flair for traveling and posts her travel pictures with her friend and husband.

The net worth of Ines de Ramon:

Ines de Ramon is a very hard-working and popular health and fitness coach and a social media influencer. She has a net worth of about 2 million dollars in 2022. This massive income includes earnings from her professional health coach job, and she’s also the most talented and popular model and actress in the country.

Ines de Ramon Education:

Ines took her primary education from a local school in her hometown. after completing her graduation from the University of Geneva. She graduated in Business administration from the University of Geneva.

The private life of Ines de Ramon:

As much as the actress is popular with the audience and is loved by people, only little is known about the model’s family. Since she is introverted and she doesn’t like to share much about them on social media. No one knows much about her parents, siblings, or childhood background.

Fun fact about Ines de Ramon:

  • Ines has a fantastic talent for speaking five languages, including French, German, Spanish, English, and Italian.
  • She is no doubt a fitness freak! She has an immense flair for health and fitness and loves to spend a considerable portion of her time in her Health studio. She is popular among her clients, where she guides and helps her clients maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.
  • Ines is a 29 y/o actress and model. She will be turning 30 in 2022
  • She is a very introverted and reserved actress. That’s why one of her accounts is also private on Instagram.
  • Ines’s height is 5’9.
  • Ines met her husband Paul Wesley, and her wife Ines met on their dinner date at the Big Apple in 2018.
  • Ines and Paul don’t have any children yet.
  • Currently, Ines is working as a Business Developer and Account manager at the Anita Ko. This brand is a fine jewelry brand in Los Angelis.
  • She completed her BBA degree from the University of Geneva.
  • She graduated from a high school in the United States of America.
  • After completing her primary education, she became a certified health coach of integrative nutrition.

After that, she gained experience as an intern for the jewel department and worked in the retailing department. Currently, she is working as a business manager at Anita ko.

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