Why Choose Cremation over Burial at Cremation Ground MokshDham

Current stats show that most people are choosing cremation over burial ceremonies. Deciding to give cremation to the deceased does not limit the options for the funeral ceremony. One can still plan and hold a personalized funeral service where all the loved ones can come together to grieve and accept the loss of a loved one. A beautifully planned ceremony is a way to honor the deceased and give them a proper farewell.

There are peaceful and beautiful places, like cremation ground moksh dham, which makes the entire service serene. If one is not sure whether to go for cremation or burial, below are three significant reasons that may help with the decision.

The flexibility of service options

It is not easy to plan and execute a memorial service in this fast-paced life. The family members need to come together, and only then will the traditional burial service can take place. Choosing a cremation service eradicates this problem and provides more flexibility. The cremation can be done immediately, and then the memorial service can be organized as and when all the family members and close ones can gather.


Generally, cremation is way cheaper than burial services. It is almost one-third the cost of burial funeral services. Coping with the death of a close one is not easy mentally and physically. Among these difficult times, one can choose to hold a simple cremation and then put more effort into honoring the deceased memories by having a proper memorial under their name.

Environmental Impact

For a long time, cremation has been considered an environmentally friendly way of funeral service. In a traditional burial, the embalming fluid, mainly formaldehyde, and the land used for the burial do not positively impact the environment. Cremation involves fewer resources and, therefore, is referred to as a “greener way” of funeral service.

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Types of cremation

People who want to cremate their loved ones can choose from these three options for cremation.

Direct Cremation

The most common type of cremation service is direct cremation. It is sometimes referred to as simple cremation or immediate cremation. Once the body is cremated, the remains as ash are returned to the family members. There is no initiation ceremony.

Memorial service

This option is similar to direct cremation but has a final memorial service after the cremation is completed. The deceased will be cremated soon after, and then the cremated remains are held in an urn. In a week or two, the memorial service is held, and everyone pays respect and honors the loved one by keeping the urn at the service.

Later the family members can decide where to keep the urn. It can be kept in a funeral home, park, or church.

Traditional funerals followed by cremation

Cremation can also have a preceding funeral service and public viewing. Once the service ends, the body will be cremated instead of burying them in a casket. The casket used can be rented or can be of a specific design specifically for cremation. Once the ceremony is over, the remains can be stored in an urn or scattered.

The final decision depends on the family members whether they want to cremate or bury the loved one. Irrespective of the decision, be wise when choosing the right service provider so that the ceremony is helping smoothly. Make all the arrangements beforehand like, getting the green park cremation ground phone number, to avoid any last-minute rush and mistakes.

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