Why Do Meditation Pillows the Best For You?

The Meditation Pillow is a very comfortable thing and it has so many uses. These meditation pillows are used for meditation purposes. These pillows are specifically designed for the people who practice meditation. Here are so many reasons of why the meditation pillow is best for you

Increased Comfort

Using a meditation pillow will increase the comfort level. Sitting on the floor will be grueling and it is more when we are sitting in a meditation pose. One of the most common poses for engaging in meditation is sitting in a cross-legged pose. And while on the floor, sitting on the cushion will increase the comfort levels. The idea of the pillow is to decrease any painful sensations.

Increased Stability

People will gain extra height by the meditation pillow and it allows them to be more stable. If you do not have flexible hips then a zafu ( a pillow for meditation) will help you to work on different leg positions in your practice.

Meditation pose of half- lotus position is very common and best done with the stability of the pillow. With the added stability helps on raising and opening the hips and reaching different positions. 

People can also achieve increased stability in child pose and back arched pose. Both of the poses require a certain amount of bending and cushion will provide comfort.

Longer Meditation Times

The design of the pillow is for the meditation purpose. These pillows are filled with the types of things which people will find in their standard pillows for their head. Most of the pillows are filled with light material to lighten the pressure on knees and ankles during meditation. The filling of these pillows helps people to align their hips under their back so that they can sit in a proper posture.

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The comfort level of this position enables them to sit for extended periods without experiencing any of the typical types of pain they would otherwise experience in future. If someone is focused on wanting to achieve a certain amount of time in meditation, a meditation pillow will help them achieve that goal.

Stay Focused

A meditation pillow also helps people to stay focused on what they want. The seated position will help in keeping the spine straight, which helps in keeping the mind alert. Meditation intensely relaxes everyone’s mind and many of them fall asleep during meditation. A meditation pillow will help in staying focused and prevent you from falling asleep in the mediation period.

Sitting on a pillow or using it as a meditation prop will help our body to remain focused on the task. It is the best tool to maintain the position while focusing on meditation. People can choose any type of meditation practice with the meditation pillow for achieving the desired results.


If any person wants to meditate daily no matter what you want your meditation practice to be portable. Meditation pillow us nothing but a piece of equipment which is highly portable. If someone loves to travel and loves to meditate outdoors, a pillow can easily go with them.

Since there are so many meditation pillows and people can find which one is portable. Having a pillow which is easy to bring up will open up the possibilities. A portable meditation pillow also has a convenient handle to carry anywhere you want.

Optimal Blood Flow

Using a meditation pillow during meditation will help to prevent misalignments in the body. When our hips, knees and spine are in proper position, it optimizes blood flow. By using the meditation pillow, people can achieve the optimal meditative position for increased blood flow.

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There are also many benefits of meditation pillow that come with increased blood flow that will include clarity of mind and alertness. Achieving proper blood flow is crucial to meditation as it opens peoples’ minds and physical sensations to accept the meditation. When they have poor circulation then they cannot engage their whole body without interference.


So here are some of the importance of the use of meditation pillows. People can use the meditation pillow for so many poses of meditation. It will help them to achieve their goal of straight spine, longer meditation times, relaxation of mind, increasing stability, increasing comfort level and one of the most important is staying focused. Everyone should try this out by using the meditation pillow for so many different purposes. Meditation pillow is portable so people can carry it anywhere they want to.

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