Why Is Community Participation Important?

The NDIS has created several opportunities for participants to increase their independence and growth as people. With great resources and help, people can see a new change in their lifestyles which enable them to become more capable human beings. One of the best ways to ensure positive growth is through.

Enable U is here to help you with your growth as an individual. With their community events and support workers, they ensure that you get the help you deserve.

What Is The NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helps people who face physical and mental vulnerabilities. Participants have the chance to be eligible for the program if their conditions prevent them from performing normal daily tasks at home and in public. The NDIS is determined to help people of any age, background and type.


The NDIS has focused on bringing welfare services to the citizens of Australia so they can lead better lives. The program has allowed people to behave and act in whichever way they prefer without any interruptions. The NDIS is able to help you out by incorporating personality assessments and medical information to create the perfect plan for you.


Community Participation


NDIS community participation has been a recurring program in the NDIS that has shown plenty of benefits and importance. Why has this been so? 


It is essential to understand how community programs have changed the landscape of the NDIS as it assists participants in a different manner. Community participation may not be a form of physical therapy but it definitely impacts the mind and emotions of the individual. 

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This helps people to become more calm and aware of their surroundings. Community events have shown that it brings joy and happiness to the other person and increases their confidence and self esteem. 

Why Is Community Participation Important?

  • Develops Communication Skills:

Community events have been created in a way that allows safe development of skills. Because of the wide array of exercises, activities and games, participants have the chance to increase their communication skills by talking and enjoying time with other people. Having communication skills increases self awareness and confidence. Learning how and when to talk in public settings is a beneficial trait to have. 

Participants can have a loving experience while participating in community and social events. They have the time and opportunity to try new things under close supervision. This helps people to stay relaxed and composed during their time. 

  • Increases Self-Confidence:

The best way to increase confidence is to socialise and spend time with other people. The idea of community participation is to open yourself to the public and allow safe communication amongst others. It is essential to understand how you can carry yourself in public to develop the confidence trait. 


You tend to behave better and openly in public as you participate in fun social events. With the wide array of activities, you can choose whichever you feel is best for you. These activities have been safely created with the objective of improving and developing your skills and personality. 

Achieve Wellness With Enable U

Enable U, one of the best disability service providers in Sydney, gives you the chance to lead a better life. They strive to help NDIS participants to achieve their goals and ambitions with the right help. With quality resources and support, they are determined to improve and manage your conditions through our services. Along with a professional and friendly team, they ensure that your NDIS plan is carried out smoothly. Their services include:

  • Allied Health
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Telehealth
  • Functional Assessments
  • In Home Support
  • NDIS Community Nursing Care
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To know more about them, visit their homepage or contact them!

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