Wordle Today Answer and What is Word of the day?

Wordle Today has been a popular game since its launch. It was purchased by New York Times at the beginning of 2022 in exchange for more than $1 Million; seeing its rising online popularity amongst internet users it was a reasonable amount.

Every day we read something about this word game. More or less, it has become a daily routine for most people.

If you are a new player or will join the player group soon. In that case, you should know the below-mentioned details about Wordle Today to understand it better.

What is Wordle?

Like crossword, Wordle Today is also a word game that you can play online on the New York Times website. It is a simple and fun game that can be played daily.

Each day brings new words, and players have to figure out those words. This activity keeps players engaged for a longer time and generates traffic for the website.

How to Play Wordle?

It is a simple word game that gives each player six chances to guess a five-letter word randomly as per their choice. If the user selects the right letter at the right place, then that letter becomes green. If the user chooses the right letter but misplaces it, it becomes yellow. Lastly, if both the selection and placement of the letter aren’t correct, it will become grey.

You have to enter a total of six words to complete the game, from which you can learn about the right placement of words and also get the necessary color hits as described above.

Otherwise, you can go for a performance where you can directly guess the day’s word, even in one try. Finding this game simple, it is incredibly engaging.  So it is just a word game? Popular Stuff…

Yes, you conclude it right. It is a word game with humongous online popularity.

According to The New York Times, more than 300,000 people play this game every day.

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Its popularity may sound confusing and may surprise many people, but there are small details that resulted in everyone going crazy for this game.

Every day a new puzzle:

It works like a charm for Wordle Today. Players only get one puzzle each day, and if by any chance you mess up, you will be waiting for the next day to play a new puzzle.

This creates another level of excitement, resulting in regular and engaging traffic.

Every player plays the same puzzle:

This makes it an interesting communication topic amongst friend groups, as it becomes easier to discuss with your friends about daily puzzles. “Was it tough?” “How did you resolve it?” “Today was easy!” Questions like this are consistently discussed on social media.

Easy and responsive social media sharing:

Today is the time for social media. People feel joyful while getting online attention. Wordle Today allows you to share your successful or unsuccessful results once you have done with your puzzle.

As we all acknowledge, the importance of social media, it helps Wordle Today big time.

So Wordle Today stands out amongst all other word games as it’s also a communication booster and gives you a chance to show off to your followers.

That’s why it is getting popular day by day.

Tips to Play Wordle like a Pro

If you are already a pro word game player. In that case, you might prefer avoiding upcoming tips and want to rely on your experience and knowledge purely.

However, for those who mostly get grey boxes and want to turn them into green, these tips may help them improve their game.

The first word is most important:

No one denies that starting any activity is the most crucial point that decides the difficulty of the upcoming path. To maximize your guessing chance, you must focus on the first word.

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Try to choose a word that includes three vowels without repeating any letter. For example, you may select words like radio, media, orate, rotate, etc.

Some people also claim that they have found the ideal first word by using bots for the Wordle that works all the time.

I found it unethical and will also ruin your gaming experience.

Do not use grey letters:

You may be thinking that it is an obvious thing that one will surely follow, but many people can’t fulfil it because it takes effort.

Usually, a keyboard is given at the bottom of the Wordle Today board, showing green, yellow, and grey letters.

It would be best if you didn’t reuse grey color letters. Though it will take some extra time, at the end your efforts will be paid off.

Letters can appear more than once:

It has been seen in the past that words like chili, ferry, and sissy became the correct answers in the World game.

It might complicate the game for some players, but it works as a great relief when you have a shortage of letters to make a word.

What is Today’s Wordle?

After reading the above paras, you must be confident about today’s Wordle if you feel conscious or struggle to crack Wordle Today of the day. We have some hints for you along with the answer for May 14, i.e., Wordle 329!

The Wordle has been reset by the New York Times. It happens every day, which means you have a new chance to guess it right and share your result on social media.

Irrespective of whether you’re a newbie or a pro player who wants to keep your winning streak continuing, we will help you resolve today’s puzzle right.

Before we move ahead, let us alert you about spoilers for today’s Wordle 329. If you are an ethical player who plays the game by its mythology without seeking any help, make sure first you try it by yourself. If you find it tough, you should get back to us to make the game easy for you.

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Now, if you are ready, then keep reading. We are sharing some clues to effortlessly resolve today’s Wordle on May 14.

May 14 (Wordle 329) Answer Clues

We will share four hints or clues with you about today’s Wordle on May 14 that will surely help you to guess the Wordle right:

The first and most important clue is that today’s Wordle of the day starts with the letter “M.”
Your second clue from our side is that today’s Wordle is often described as an element.
The third and second last clue is that it works as a “detector activator.” It is most commonly used to activate any detector. Our final and last clue is that today’s Wordle includes two vowels.

Are you still struggling to figure out what today’s Wordle is? Don’t worry. We have got it for you and now sharing the final answer of Wordle 329!

May 14 (Wordle 329) Final Answer

The wait is over. The answer for May 14 is METAL. If you got it right, well done! But let us know whether you guessed right or wrong and whether you took our hint’s help or not?

You must have guessed it right If you analysed our hints correctly.


We can define METAL in many ways. It can be defined as a hard or solid material that is glossy, fusible, rare, and a limited resource. It is being used in making numerous useful things.

Sometimes it also denotes a particular music genre, i.e., Heavy Metal.

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